Thursday, August 20, 2009

Though matheran is known for(as i'd know),some chappals and its majestic horses,a trip to matheran proved me totally wrong.Having been visited there,i soon discovered the picturesque scenery,the fine greenery notched up its place(for me)as compared to what i had thought.Being a rainy season when i visited,the environment was even more lusher and green.Mother-nature was in its truest glory.VAried kinds of fresh fruits and vegetablehs were available,the taste of which had its own charm.Seeing the never ending deeper and deeper valleys,it simply made my day.Just looking at the far streched mountain,made us excited.At the same time,sitting on the horses made us feel horrified and afraid.Another exciting thing done by in matheran was riding in a toy train.Painted in red blue and yellow,it looked totally different and terrific.Well,seeing the other commuters waiting in que to travel through this little train,i found myself very lucky that my ticket was booked before-hand.Climbing the train,the excited commuters started snapping pictures from their dainty cameras,we following the suit.About an hour later the little engine geared up and we were on our way to the base i.e the The environment on the ghats was blossoming green.The deepness of the valleys itself gave us chills.On the way we also had the experience of having some delights like the popularly known "Singh-channas",some typical vada-pavs which truly made our day! Reaching the base we found ourselves sadden at the end of the wonderfull journey.Thank god i had cleared my dillusions regarding MAtheran!!During my Matheran trip I stayed at Lords Hotel and travel by Toy Train and photos.